Parker Kartuše za pisala Rollerball

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Are you looking for the original Parker Rollerball Refill/Refill for your rollerball? Penshop has a wide range of refills for rollerballs, fountain pens and ballpoints. The refills are available in the colors blue and black.

For every type of rollerball

The Parker Rollerball Refill is suitable for any type of Parker rollerball. Other rollerballs that support Parker refills can also use these refills. The refills are available in various line widths, including fine 0.5mm and medium 0.7mm.

A style icon for more than 120 years

The Parker brand has been a leader in producing the finest pens worldwide for 120 years. The success is not only due to the design, but also to the use of the best materials so that the pens last a long time. Moreover, they give status to every generation.

A personally engraved Parker pen

The Parker Rollerball Refill/Refill combined with a Parker rollerball makes the ultimate gift for a treasured memory. Penshop even offers the possibility to have the pen engraved. Take a look at the Parker pens and refills in the web shop.


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